Rolling the idice towards future profits June 26, 2017

In any successful online enterprise today, it always takes a go-getting team to put things together. Any successful online enterprise must have making pots of money as its primary motive. This is not necessarily a drive to survive in this heady and ever charging and fast paced world of information technology, but a drive to be successful in everything in every which way that you set your mind to. It remains the case today that phenomenal success is measured by just how much money you are able to make in any enterprise you found or contract you enter into.

Realistic entrepreneurs have always known this. They were always patient and resolute. They never believed that they would be making money overnight. First the hard work had to be done in order to create the value chain that would make their innovations attractive to others. Rolling the idice cannot be seen as a quick-fix solution towards realizing big profits over night. But such an online innovation taking full advantage of today’s latest cloud computing technologies cannot be a one man band. Yes, like many entrepreneurial empires were started up, there was always one dream maker and idealist.

As the founder of the company he is chiefly branded as the CEO. It is a familiar term recognized by all others. But perhaps he would prefer to be known as the team leader or even more so, just another member of a fabulous team. The founding member of the idice game is also a blockchain and full stack developer by trade. He comes armed with experience in the unfamiliar world of cryptocurrency mining. He is also fully versed in app developments. For any successful enterprise to thrive there must always be a numbers man.

Someone who knows how to control the new company’s financial purse strings. The idice team’s chief financial officer has, of course, a solid background in business and finance. And what company can thrive without the advantages of software innovation. To keep abreast of developments, software expertise and experience will be necessary. Today’s successful software developers also have a keen flair for entrepreneurship. Such enthusiasm is invaluable for any new startups that need to optimize their infrastructure with the best available software and, now, cloud computing.


Adding a guy with a strong background in computer science also helps. But again, the entrepreneurial drive remains paramount. Here is a computer scientist who has a strong desire to create revolutionary applications for today’s new startups. All entrepreneurial teams should all remain solidly focused on business development and the drive to make more money, not just for themselves but for others too. Making money for those others will, of course, always mean making more money for themselves. And why not? Business is business.

Finally, making money does not always need to be a gamble. But it can be pretty good fun. It does, however, need to be responsibly driven so that no stakeholders are harmed in the process.

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